of Hope


The Bhagat Group (BG) celebrates over 4 decades of achievements, having collaborated with both small and large multinationals including some from the Fortune 100 & 500 lists in developing projects and markets.

While BG’s constituents are fiscally independent, they eschew the same common values of excellence and integrity and support each other with their strengths.

In its role as Advisor, BG first understands and evaluates products, services and technologies in order to assess their applicability to the desired markets and resource requirements.

The BG team takes a holistic view that encompasses all aspects, from Financial to Public Relations, ensuring appropriate image building for partners and clients.

We are experienced in the development of diverse short, medium and long-term strategies, and hold our clients’ hands through the process of implementing the strategies in a practical, time-bound and cash conscious manner.

Working with the duality of a top-down and grassroots approach with all stakeholders, our creativity in solving critical business problems and overcoming obstacles to achieve developmental goals has paid rich dividends for all associated with us. Along the way, we have built invaluable expertise by working closely as a team with collaborators, leading professionals, government and private entities.

BG has matured significant businesses in diverse fields of activity and has developed special expertise agnostic of nationality, sector and size for established entities or start-ups to collaborate in achieving their objectives.